Collide is your Alpha, ruler of your pack - the boss! She isn't exactly bossy though, she gives you your freedom! Anyways, here's more about her!

Collide OC

Collide's Life Edit

Collide was Born in a Jungle on January the 2nd. As a pup, she was extremely energetic but did as she was told. Collide was humble and kind to those around her, or that's what Wolf Folk thought. She enjoyed fighting in her spare time, alone, when her parent's backs were turned. They wanted her to be a Queen, so she wouldn't get hurt, as she was very valuable to them, their only daughter. Collide also had 3 Older Brothers and a 2 Younger Ones. Collide was the closest with her 'Middle Brother' Shard, who has his own pack. Her parents unfortunately passed from old age which made Collide devastated, but she eventually moved on. She had fallen pregnant but lost her litter after being badly wounded, which hadn't been treated. After founding the Crystal Crow Pack, she wants to redeem her wish; to grow a successful clan.

Collide's Personality Edit

Collide is very insecure but is skilled and a few things. She can be harsh at times, but usually is kind and generous to others around her. Collide prefers Peace over Violence, but doesn't mind what her Pack does, let it be fighting or taking a stroll. She is often seen wearing a black, white and red flower crown with a tattered worn and spiked collar to show her toughness. Collide had one mate who unfortunately died after saving her.


Likes & Dislikes Edit

Collide's personal opinion of things.


Watching her Pack Fight/train.

Walking on Snow.


Climbing trees.






Being Complimented.

Features Edit

Collide is a simple grey wolf with a pure white underbelly, white claws, dappled dark grey mixed with light greys, rose red eyes and large, jagged fangs.

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