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Here are a the roles that are available!
== Warriors ==
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The '''Warrior Role''' is important as the Warriors '''defend''' the Entire Pack itself. They'll be '''fearless, merciless''' and '''cunning'''; no matter the cost. They are always going to be '''Loyal''' to their Pack-Mates and are seen as '''<nowiki/>'Heroes'''' among the Wolves.
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== Gatherers/Hunters ==
Gatherers '''collect resources''' that will be '''useful''' to the pack; for example, '''berries, '''and''' healing plants'''. Hunters go hunting for '''larger meals''', like '''Deer/Stags, Foxes, Moose, Elk, and Bison''', but can also eat things like '''Fish, Hares/Rabbits, Beavers and Birds'''.
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== Queens ==
Queens are '''Female Wolves''' who '''look after''' the '''Cubs/Pups''' in the pack. They will be '''responsible''' of '''keeping them safe, feeding and cleaning them''' (if the parents are okay with it).
== Guards ==
Guard Wolves are similar to Warrior Wolves, except '''they stay in one spot''' - '''outside''' the '''pack 'walls'.''' They keep '''uninvited intruders from coming inside'''. They have other uses, like '''protecting their Alphas''', but often sit there until '''needed of assistance.''' They usually '''patrol''' either '''inside''' or '''outside''' the pack to make sure everyone is '''safe'''.
== Explorers ==
Explorers discover '''hidden lands''' for a '''larger territory''', they '''risk''' their '''own lives''' to find a '''larger living space''' for their Pack. They often find places like '''Forests, Jungles and Crumbling Temples''' full of '''Wild Life'''; they '''want the best for their pack.'''
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